About the Author

Keith, with his Eternal Family.

Keith Ivy is a carefree, fun-loving father of two, an amateur surfer, exercise nut and budding genealogist. He is, as well, a registered nurse, and loves going to work to help others through their own trials. He doesn’t like to stand in the way of others’ happiness, and more than anything loves spending time with his children. 

This book is for them, so they can come to know their father from his own perspective, and for his wife Brenda, to come to understand who he was before they said “I do”. This book is, also, for each one of you that finds some light in the embrace of God’s love, and never backs down from any of life’s many trials.

The only way to the eternal covenant is through the walkway of God’s love. And the only way to embrace God’s love is embracing yourself, for who you truly are.