About the Book

This is the story of a man who followed the Lord, and never gave up hope. He traversed every trial, and walked uphill on his way to the Temple. Share in the hopes, failures, and triumphs of this heart-wrenching story from a much-anticipated new author.

The truth is a funny, fickle thing. One where so we often find ourselves caught in the crosshairs; our fates left up to the opinions of others. The only real way to carry on through these trials is to know, in your heart, who you are and what you believe in.

Keith Ivy, Author of Triumphant Over My Enemies

Keith knew from a young age that he was unique. 

Keith never took his eyes away from the Lord; never did he doubt in the church, nor leave it’s loving embrace. His love for his LDS faith and his unending faith in God became the rhythm of his life.

His trials confronted him, but how he maneuvered through, defined him.

Now, he lives in Utah with his beautiful bride Brenda, and two lovely children. His life is, and always has been full of love, and without judgement.

He refused to cast judgement on those who struggled in understanding how to treat him growing up, he refused to allow for self-criticism of his same sex attraction, and he refused to judge the relatives who cast him away for his choices. All because of the light of God’s love, and how that light led him down a pathway towards abundance and joy.

Keith encourages you, now, to delve into his life story, and find within you an embodiment of that acceptance, light and love as you traverse the wild web he wove.