An Overdue Update

You don’t think, when you buy a model home, that you need to do a title search.

Turns out… but one year into owning our new home, we discovered that there were builders liens all over the place! And then we found that there were some major issues with plumbing systems, on top of that.

This is why I haven’t posted an update for awhile here.

I’ve been experiencing enormous stress and strain regarding the need to refinance our home, so much so that it landed me in the ED about a month ago with A-fib!

For those who aren’t aware, Atrial Fibrillation is a type of heart arrhythmia.

I felt my heart thumping unusually hard for a few days. I just thought, “I’m probably just throwing PVC’s; I’ll have them put me on the monitor when I get to work Saturday night.”

PVC’s are Premature Ventricular Complexes. They’re like extra little electrical impulses stemming from the ventricles. Usually no big deal.

At around 3am the Sunday morning of Daylight Savings, I had my ICU nurse friend Victor put me on the heart monitor. Immediately, his eye’s bugged out of this head, as he said, “DUDE, YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE A ‘P’ WAVE!”

I had been walking around with full on AFIB with rapid ventricular response at a rate of 110-140! So I went to the ED – Emergency Department – and one push of Cardizem converted me back to Sinus Rhythm. Whew!

I was done and home at the regular time. When I walked through the door, I told Brenda, “Oh, by the way, I’ve been in the ED, and had full on A-fib, but I’m stable again now.”

My stress level has subsided greatly since then. We closed on the four month refinance nightmare about a week ago, and are out of the nightmare!

Since we moved in last year, I’ve finished out the basement, and started renting it out to a sweet little family from St. George, Utah that moved up to Salt Lake. If something had gone wrong with the refi, I would have had to (gently) evict them… which would have crushed me. They have a daughter with challenges, and they are so positive about their lives.

This all just makes me realize that for ME, every day is a good day. We are happy to have the family near us. Additionally, since we have been in the house, we have come closer and closer to members of the ward and stake.

All of Ethan and Ilana’s closest friends are nearby, all from solid families that try to teach their kids the same as we do. Brenda has forged awesome relationships with the other women in the Relief Society. [More pressure on me if the deal had fallen thru and we had had to move.] The ball field is on the next block, there’s a rodeo event just to the west, and just on and on. Even though getting to Utah was unexpected and rough, it has all been so worth it for my kids’ future.

Now, I can focus on my new project for the next couple of years. Another book, my first novel, Whispers from the Asylum will be set to release in 2020. I’ve included a link to the facebook page and an intro about the book below! My YOUTUBE channel will also launch soon. All is well!



What event early in the life of Tiffany, a budding sociopath, laid the groundwork for a future of ruining lives for her own selfish purposes?

This novel, and optioned short film, will explore the lives of codependent family members wrapped up in their own reflections, causing destruction and damage with the grace of their every step. This story delves into the whys and hows of a woman unabashed and unafraid to take the world by storm, no matter whom it affects or how.

Tracing the characters’ choices and influences from their budding young starts, we will also follow the story of The Sister; The Enabler, aka Lois, who not only supported her sister’s mental illness, but also her husband in his drug use, thusly endangering the lives of anyone in the car or on the road each and every time he got behind the wheel.

And then… there is Robyn, in all her crazed teenage rebellion, now a woman of pathetic, thinly veiled manipulation. A gossipy, jealous and floundering little creature who scarcely looks presentable in her scuffed up Payless pumps.

The novel, and possible short film, is a two year project assisted by the author, Keith Ivy’s actor/director friend DAVID STARR from Honolulu, who has starred in such plays as “The Foreigner” at Moana Theatre and more!

Stay tuned for updates on a story that will not only make your hair curl, but stand on end, as unkempt and frazzled as it’s main characters.

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