An update: Full-Fellowship from Disfellowshipment

I’m so much more at peace now that the truth is out.

I am so glad my story is out there.

I’ve had such positive results since the release of the book. My long-term hope is that those who need the wisdom I’ve gained get to read it.

The most wonderful thing that’s happened is since the book release happened this past Tuesday: I was reinstated into full fellowship in the Mormon Church after a year of disfellowshipment for breaking my covenant to Brenda.

The disfellowshipment was a blessing, I’m telling you what. And just like at the high council meeting when they disfellowshipped me a year ago, the guys that sit on that council are just the nicest, warmest people on earth. The people on that council are pure gold. The gospel is true, and those guys were so sweet.

I attribute my successes over this past year to my ability to see past my own shortcomings, to the higher truth of the matter; the bigger picture. And that higher truth is just what Joseph Smith said it was.

The Gospel is True.

It was so nice to be with that council, and even nicer to be able to move forward, fully atoned and so, so much wiser.

My advice, to anyone interested in listening, is this: if you are disfellowshipped from the Mormon church – for whatever reason – don’t just go running off to join some other church, or go getting upset or frustrated with the Mormon religion. That is not the answer, because – like I’ve said – if Joseph Smith saw what he said he saw (like I know he did) – then there is nowhere else to go but to the Temple! Truly.

Disfellowshipment is a blessing – believe a man who’s experienced it full circle. It gets you to realize what is going on inside of yourself, and then makes you work a little harder to get back on track with your true self. The whole process makes you more aware of what will be best for you, and how navigate your way back to the right path.  

If disfellowshipped, you get a year of a “reset button” [what I like to call it]. The Lord has provided this reset button to help us get back on track with our soul’s true purpose and ultimate fulfillment.

And in that high council meeting on Tuesday, there wasn’t a judgemental eye in the room! I’m sure if you’ve read my story already, you may be shocked to hear it, but it’s absolutely true.

There was not one judgmental thing about any of them. The Gospel is True. I told those guys, “I wouldn’t be here… I wouldn’t have a wife and kids, and have my beautiful daughter sitting here on my lap… if I didn’t understand this from the start.”

I am not ashamed of my disfellowshipment. I want anyone else out there to know that disfellowshipment, for whatever reason, is a Blessing, even if in disguise. So go, and get your butt back in line, because the blessings are… absolutely untold.

So now, Brenda and I are focused on family. Or refocused, I should say. With every new experience, comes new wisdoms learned! As well, next year, Ethan will be receiving the priesthood! And boy, if he isn’t a missionary already. We hope for him to put on that name tag at nineteen, and go to some part of the world that helps him to grow up and become self-sufficient – much sooner than I ever was.

You know, I didn’t go on a missionary trip when I was nineteen, and it took me until nearly forty to grow up! So that’s what we’re focused on is our kids, and doing everything we can to prepare them in ways we weren’t, ways we find important, and ways that we can’t imagine but trust in the Lord’s love to reveal to us as they become necessary.

We’re also working on our renewed covenants, my beautiful Brenda and I.

Just look at her: it takes my breath away… Fifteen Years, this week, with my bride by my side.

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