Life After Temple Marriage

Life with Brenda is bliss.

I can’t quite believe I got so lucky in life, to have found someone with a balance between patience and resilience. Brenda is stronger than I’ve ever given her enough credit for, and her strength continues to surprise me daily.

When we faced struggles the likes of which would end most couples in an instant, she was able to wait before reacting, calmly connect with her Heavenly Father, and come to a personal decision about her stance in it all.

I know that our strength of faith in our Father is what continuously ignites – within us both – the courage to persevere in the face of any trial, be it betrayal, loss, disappointment, fear, or worry.

And when I say that life with Brenda is bliss, I am not so disillusioned as to remain ignorant to the work it has taken, and continues to take each and every day, to keep our connection strong.

There are numerous compromises, conversations on conversations, moments of combat, and unavoidable cognitive dissonance that continuously rises to the surface. The only thing that carries us through these trying moments of will is our faith: faith in the Lord, faith in one another, faith in our eternal future with our Heavenly Father, faith in our children and the eternal family we have built, and faith in the Temple Marriage that started it all.

I love the idea of Temple Marriage: the term alone is the perfect metaphor for all that it takes to sustain… our union is an honor; a Holy Temple in its own right, that we have had to build from the ground up, brick by brick. And when, from time to time in our life together, we found some cracks in our foundation: aspects that were either overlooked early on, or crumbled during the tough times; we knew that the only way to carry on – each and every time – was to pick up new bricks, and begin to rebuild, together.

And rebuild we did.

We have only just, after fifteen years of marriage, gotten to know major aspects of one another, when we’d thought we were as close as we could get. Our strength and perseverance persist when nothing else will, all because of our foundational faith in the Lord, and in our Temple Marriage.

I know in my heart, when the heat began to rise, and our marriage was tested more than ever, that it was truly the grace of the Lord, bringing us closer together; making us ever stronger, so we could pass on our learned wisdoms to our children, and continue to grow not only as a couple, but as an Eternal, Loving Family.


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