My Journey Navigating Same Sex Attraction

My darling wife was saved for me. There’s no doubt about that.

You see, I believe that Same Sex Attraction is a trial we must combat, to bring ourselves closer to the Lord.

I do believe that I was born with a pure love for my Heavenly Father. I believe that I was born pure, without sin; and without untoward desire.

Through living – especially those early, formidable years – we not only unearth who we are as a soul on earth, but we come to find and learn how to accept imperfect love all around us.

You see, when we are with the Lord, we are perfectly loved – completely loved. However, while our pure souls are capable of this love, our human existences aren’t quite so much. We are with sin; imperfect, and yet perfectly loved by the Lord. Perfectly supported by the light of His love.

Through Him, and in Him alone, we find our strength in the face of our imperfect existence. We not only learn how to better navigate our external trials, but – far more importantly – continue to strive to pursue our internal ones.

I have sincerely struggled with is same sex attraction. I always knew, even as a young boy, that I was different from the other kids somehow. Eventually, I came to see that I bore an attraction to members of the same sex. I was curious about it, and as I was immature, I caved. I moved to a more exciting town than my hometown, and dated men.

While I lived in this lifestyle for a short time, I always felt it was temporary. I always had my head tilted upwards, towards the Temple. I always knew, deep in my heart, what I wanted above all else: A Temple Marriage and Eternal Family. I just… didn’t know how on Earth I was gonna get there with this interest in men, y’all!

I believe my SSA may be an outcome of my upbringing. I cannot believe the opposite! Joseph Smith saw what he said he saw, as I know he did. I know it in my heart! So, I navigated my SSA, came to realize it wasn’t as fulfilling as what I had always known I wanted, and focused on finding myself a good ol’ Molly Mormon wife! And eventually… I found her! My Darling: My Brenda.


For more information on Keith’s beliefs and experiences, follow this blog! As well, stay tuned for the upcoming release of his autobiography, Triumphant Over My Enemies: My Story. My Words. To be released November 11th (on presale now!) Believe you me – you’ve never read a story like this one before!

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